Andy Weir Net Worth

$55 million

Andy Weir Net Worth: Andrew Taylor Weir is an popular American novelist and software engineer born on June 16, 1972. He is internationally known for his debut novel, The Martian, which was adapted into a film directed by Ridley Scott in 2015. He released his second novel Artemis is 2017. He received the John W. Campbell Awards for Best Write-in 2016.

  • Andy Weir Net Worth: $55 million
  • Celebrated name: Andy Weir
  • Rеаl name/full name: Andrew Tylor Weir
  • Gender: Male
  • Віrth date: June 16, 1972
  • Andy Weir age: 48 years
  • Віrth plасе: California, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: not specified
  • Weight: not specified
  • Profession: Writer and novelist
  • Salary: not specified
  • Last updated: December
Andy Weir Net Worth

How he made his Net Worth

The American novelist Andy Weir has an estimated net worth of $55 million as of now. He was already rich while in his early thirties, thanks to his incredible work for multi-million-dollar software companies. He published most of his work on his website and even authored a webcomic Case and Andy, which highlighted the several fictionalized mad scientists of himself.

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Early Life

Andy Weir was born in California. He was the only child of an electric-engineer mother and an accelerator physicist father who divorced when he was eight years.  He grew up in California, reading classic science fiction. At the age of 15, he started working as a computer programmer for Sandia National Laboratories. He enrolled in computer science at UC San Diego, although he didn’t graduate. Weir worked as a programmer in various software companies such as Blizzard, AOL, MobileIron, and Palm.

Career Life

Andy Weir started writing science fiction in his 20s and published his work on his website for years. Weir’s work to gain significant attention was a short novel story, The Egg, which is adapted into various YouTube videos.

Andy Weir is popularly known for The Martian, his first published novel. Weir wrote the novel to be scientifically accurate, and his writing includes extensive research into orbitual machines, the history of manned space flight, conditions on Mars, and botany.

In 2015, he announced that he was working on his second novel, Zhek, which he described as a more traditional science fiction novel with telepathy, aliens, faster-than-light travel, etc. A fiction story originally created by Andy Weir, Lacero and was published in the Ready Player One (2016 edition). This has made it canonical to the script’s fictional universe. In 2016, Weir released The Principles of Uncertain collection of short stories on the TAPAS platform for short fiction.

Weir moved to another sci-fi novel named Artemis, which features a female protagonist based on the moon and is set in the 2080s-2090s. In September 2017, it was announced that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord were hired to create a science fiction movie based on the novel.

Personal Life

Andy Weir is married to Keri Kukral, the founder of Raw Science TV.

Common Asked Questions about Andy Weir

Is Weir working on a new book?

Andy Weir has a new book project coming out. The book named Project Hail Mary is expected to be released in the spring of 2021.

How much money did Weir from the Martian?

For a duration of six months, 35,000 copies of the Martian were sold, with Weir earning 30 cents each.

What is Weir working on now?

Andy Weir is working on a big project coming soon: project Hail Mary, a story of a lone astronaut in space and is the only one to save the earth.


Andy Weir built a two-decade software engineering career until the success of his first published novel, the martian, which allowed him to live out his dream of writing full time.

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