Arlo Guthrie Net Worth

$10 Million

Arlo Guthrie Net Worth: Arlo Guthrie was born on July 10, 1947, in Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of the legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie and professional dancer Marjorie Guthrie. He is best known for creating and singing songs that protested against social injustices and telling important stories while performing songs. He gained popularity with his debut track, Alice’s Restaurant Massacree. This song has since become a Thanksgiving anthem.

  • Arlo Guthrie Net Worth: $10 million
  • Celebrated name: Arlo Guthrie
  • Rеаl name/full name: Arlo Davy Guthrie
  • Gender: Male
  • Віrth date: July 10, 1947
  • Arlo Guthrie age: 73 years
  • Віrth plасе: Brooklyn, New York
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 1.85
  • Weight: 86kg
  • Profession: musician
  • Salary: not specified
  • Last updated: December
Arlo Guthrie Net Worth

How he made his Net Worth

Arlo Guthrie is a songwriter, musician, and singer who has a net worth of $10 million. According to, Arlo accumulated his wealth through many performances as a musician and songwriter of folk music and blues.

Early Life

Arlo was born in 1947 in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Marjorie and Woody Guthrie. His father was a popular folk singer and composer, while his mother was a dancer. Arlo’s parents divorced when he was young age. However, he was close to his father, who gave him a guitar on his sixth birthday.

Arlo attended Woodward School till his eighth grade, graduating from Stockbridge School in Massachusetts in 1965. After his father died in 1965, his close friends Leadbelly, Peter Seeger, and Cisco Houston played a significant role in his life and career. He regularly performed with Seeger.

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Career Life

Arlo’s career exploded in 1967 with his debut song Alice’s Restaurant that premiered at the NFF and helped foster unique commitment among the 1960s generation to activism and social consciousness. He went on to a star in the 1969 Hollywood film version of the song. With songs like Alice’s Restaurant, coming into Los Angeles and City of New Orleans, Arlo was on One-Hit-Wonder.

By the age of 20, Arlo had already started touring overseas. He was attracting and surprising audiences across the world. He is a natural-born storyteller and an accomplished musician playing piano 12-string and six-string guitar.

While he had not recently performed Alice’s Restaurant for any years, Arlo put it back on the menu for his Alice’s Restaurant Massacree 40th Anniversary Tour between June 2005 to May 2007. He toured with his family members for the Guthrie Family Legacy Tour which took place between June 2006- May 2007. This tour significantly brought together the best songs of Guthrie and stories from Guthrie through the four generations.

Personal Life

Arlo Guthrie married Jackie Hyde in 1969, and over the past years, they were blessed with four children who all became entertainers themselves.

Common Asked Questions about Arlo Guthrie

What is Guthrie worth?

Arlo is a songwriter, singer, and musician who has a net worth of $10 million.

Which disease does Arlo have?

Huntington’s disease

Are Woody and Arlo Guthrie related?

Arlo is a folk singer and songwriter and the oldest son of singer Woody Guthrie.


Arlo Guthrie was born with a harmonica in one hand and a guitar on the other in Coney Island in 1947. He has become an iconic figure in folk music with a distinguished ad varied career spanning above 50 years.

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