Ruth Porat Net Worth

Ruth Porat Net Worth: Ruth Porat was born on 22 April 1957, in Sale, England. She has been the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Alphabet Inc. since 2015. From 2010 to 2015, Porat was the CFO and Executive Vice President of Morgan Stanley.

  • Ruth Porat Net Worth:  Not specified
  • Celebrated name: Ruth Porat
  • Full name/real name: Ruth Porat
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthdate: 22 April 1957
  • Age:  64 years old
  • Birthplace: Sale, Cheshire, England
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Profession: CFO of Inc.
  • Salary: $650,000
  • Last updated: December
Ruth Porat Net Worth

How she made her net worth

Reports from the business insider say that Porat has a salary of $650,000 besides the $5 million signing bonus. Ruth Porat is among the most powerful women in the world in the sector of finance. Her net worth has hiked to millions, although the exact figure is not given. She has $40 million regular stocks and $25 million shares of Google.

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Early Life

Ruth Porat was born in 1957 in Sale, England, to her parents Dr. Dan and Frieda Porat. When she was young, she moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, as her father was in the Physics research department of Harvard University. Later, they moved to Palo Alto, California.

While living in California, Ruth worked for 20 years at the SALC National Accelerator Laboratory. She attended Stanford University and got a BA degree in Economics and International Relations. Porat also went to the London School of Economics, where she got a Masters of Science degree specialized in Industrial Relationship.

Career Life

In the year 1987, Porat’s net worth increased after joining Morgan Stanley. She left the company later on and followed Robert F. Greenhill, Morgan Stanley’s president, to Smith Barney. In 1933, Porat joined Smith Barney, and later in 1996, she returned to Morgan Stanley.

Porat served as Investment Banking’s Vice Chairman for six years. Moreover, she served as the Financial Institutions Group’s Global Head from 2006-2009. After becoming the Technology Investment Banking co-head, her net worth rose. Afterward, she was made the CFO of Morgan Stanley.

Personal Life

Porat got married to Anthony Paduano, her Paduano & Weintraub partner. Paduano & Paduano Weintraub is a law organization. This couple had three children together. Ruth Porat fought and survived breast cancer.

According to political views, she supported Hillary Clinton when she was vying for the presidency in the year 2008. Porat even organized fundraising that was held at her apartment in New York City.

Commonly asked questions about Ruth Porat

How old is Ruth Porat?

Ruth Porat was born in 1957 and is now 64 years old.

How much is Ruth Porat’s salary?

Ruth Porat earns a salary of $650,000.

Who is the youngest CEO?

Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest CEO with the age of thirty-five years.

Who is the highest-paid CFO in the world?

Safra Catz of Oracle was the highest-paid CFO. Her total compensation was over $108 million.


Born on 22 April 1957, Ruth Portrait has accumulated a lot of wealth. From her career as a CFO, she has managed to earn an attractive amount of money for herself. She has also gained fame from her field of work. Although her exact net worth is not yet determined, it is most likely that it rises as days go by.

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