Vince Staples Net Worth

$4 Million

Vince Staples Net Worth: Vince Staples is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor who has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He makes most of his money from music he signs on YouTube and from live show performances. As a member of the Cutthroat Boyz, he is a legendary musician with millions of followers that make companies choose him as a brand ambassador for their various products.

  • Vince Staples Net Worth: $4 Million
  • Сеlеbrаtеd Nаmе: Vince Staples
  • Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе: Vince Staples
  • Віrth Dаtе: July 2, 1993
  • Tim Stokely Аgе: 27 years
  • Віrth Рlасе: Compton, California
  • Nаtіоnаlіtу: American
  • Неіght: 5ft 8in
  • Wеіght: 70kgs  
  • Рrоfеѕѕіоn: Hip Hop Rapper
  • Ѕаlаrу: $70,000 per day
  • Lаѕt Uрdаtеd: December
Vince Staples Net Worth

How He Made His Wealth

As a rapper, he used to make a lot of money through albums, performance shows, and advertising campaigns. In 2015, he was hired by a sprite and promoted the brand through his Twitter feed. The sprite made a tremendous amount of sales and no doubt he was paid a huge amount of money.

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Early Life

Vince Staples was born in Compton on July 2, 1993. He later moved to North Long Beach where he grew up. Staples is the youngest of five siblings. From 4th to 8th grade, he attended Optimal Christian Academy.

He attended several high schools such as Mayfair high school, Jordan high school, and Esperanza High school. At a young age, he used to speak to youth about the dangers of the gang lifestyle and other criminal activities. It was through his desire for a better community that he entered into music.

Career Life

In 2009, Staples was discovered by Dijon “LaVish” Samo and Chuck Wun. He made a trip to Los Angeles where he met and befriended Syd tha Kyd, Mike G, and Earl Sweatshirt. He appeared in several of their songs and was known for his excellent work.

It was then when decided to be a rapper after having realized that music paid well. On December 30, 2011, he released his first album named Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1. In the year of October 2012, he released a mixtape with an artist called Michael Uzowuru that was titled winter in Prague.

In 2012, Vince released a new album by the name Stolen Youth with several guest artists who also featured in the work. In 2015, he released Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2, and that was the beginning of his global recognition and pathway into fame.

Personal Life

He lives in southern California. Vince insists that he never used alcohol or any substance despite him being too close to these substances. He spent most of his life thinking about his future since he was living in poverty with his mother.

Common Questions People Ask About Vince Staples

What is the label that Vince is working with?

He is working with Def Jam records.

Where is Vince Staples from?

He is from Compton Southern California.

Who Produced Big Fish Theory?

Christian Rich in the second Album of Vince Staples.

How Old is Vince Staples?

He is 27 years old.


Vince Staples is one of the most celebrated and endowed rappers who uses his music to shape his community. Growing up in the ghetto, he never touched drugs or involved himself in criminal activities which make him a good role model. The net worth of 4 million dollars is from advertising and songs he performs and sells.

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